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Affiliateiva has two perspectives. We help people to get some extra cash by playing through our partners PTC Games, Surveys sites etc and by selling Products (Physical & Digital) on the web through our Affiliate Partners spread across the world.

This sites covers in two spaces
1- Pay to click Games, Surveys AND Many other money making legit games
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Truly, we have attempted to cover all the important items which is use by the individuals in his everyday life.

Truly, we work with worldwide players (Brands) so you can purchase items from any part of the world based on their supply. They will take care of your Payments, Shipping, Guarantee, Return etc.

As we are not selling any products so evaluating and installment will be acknowledged and done from partner sites.
Please check their pricing cautiously before putting in the request.
This site will guide you and give you helpful data links with respect to our skillful analysis.

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