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About Us

About Us

video is the Largest Unique Online Shopping site in India with foremost collection of products under one site. The shopping sites mentioned in shopping list are India’s topmost sites in their respective domain.

Solving A-Z Customer Shopping needs is the prime concern of our site by displaying number of products beyond 10000 categories.

The prime objective of Affiliateiva is to make online shopping easy for every customer by providing multiple varieties of products from different other sites in one single platform. It also promotes easier, smarter and safer shopping for all customers.

At Affiliateiva you can get your favorite items at the most affordable price. Besides, it gives you the freedom to access other genre of items, ranging from Branded clothing, fashion, footwear, and electronics appliances. Health & Fitness, Dance & Music, Jewelry, Watches, Education & eBooks, athletics, travel, and vacations, among other things.

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WHY TO CHOOSE Affiliateiva?
1) It’s an open marketplace where all reputable national and international merchants across the world may completely satisfy your purchasing needs.
2) You can purchase through the gateway and be immediately directed to the leading seller’s website.
3) Affiliateiva allows you to explore all of the online stores and get your favourite brand delivered to your home at best possible price.
4) Affiliateiva gives you the freedom to browse and get your favourite items from a wide range of authentic websites in India and worldwide.

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An Online Shopping site for Branded clothes, Fashion,footwear, gadgets, Appliances, Health & Fitness, Dance & Music, Jewellery, Watch, Education & ebooks, sports, Travel and Holiday and much more Branded Products to choose from.
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